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Montana Fire Service Convention

October 15 & 16, 2021 Missoula MT

Keynote Address:  It’s Your Training Program, What Every Chief Must Know

As a Chief Officer, you may supervise or be responsible for the training process or the overall program for your Department.  During this session, you’ll gain an understanding for the required training programs, skill development and retention programs along with the programs necessary to promote and prepare for the future. Understand what OSHA, ISO, NFPA and many others require or recommend in your training program and the best practices in each area.

Workshop:  The First Five Minutes, Assessing the Initial Attack

Ask any company officer or crewmember about the most important time on the fireground and they will say without exception that the first five minutes of an incident are the most important. Our primary goals as firefighters are governed by a sense of purpose to meet very specific tactical objectives. In the first five minutes as the first-due company officer or incident commander you must be able to identify your strategic goals and your tactical objectives. We are going to discuss what needs to be done as engine and truck company assignments in the first five minutes.

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