Instructor Continuing Education Questions

Review these questions and answer using your Department SOP or best practices.

  • Prior to beginning any evaluation of training, what steps must you take to ensure that the student is prepared to perform the task?
  • What are the laws or principles of learning that affect a student’s ability to improve their ability to don an SCBA after repeated trials?
  • What are the three types of learning domains used in the learning process?
  • Which domain is typically the most difficult to train to or even see direct application at a training session?
  • What is the primary reason for adding an activity or chances for student application into your presentation? What are the most effective methods that you use to involve your students?
  • How do you document when an injury occurs to a participant or observer of a training session?
  • What are the components of a valid learning objective?
  • What are the federally mandated training requirements that apply to virtually all fire suppression personnel?
  • Your department is asked to participate in a house burn in a neighboring town. Upon arrival, you see multiple live fire training safety violations being committed.  What should you do?
  • A Chief Officer refuses to complete department mandated SCBA training as required by policy and department practice. What should you do about this situation?
  • What are the differences in job duties for the 3 levels of NFPA Fire Service Instructor?
  • A guest instructor completes a lecture presentation in which much of the training material is either outdated or not consistent with your department procedure. How should you handle this situation?
  • Name at least 5 types of written exam questions that can be used in student evaluations.
  • A firefighter has scored 100% on multiple exams in the fire academy and rumors are circulating that your exam battery may have been compromised. This student is the only one mastering your exams.  What should you do?
  • A firefighter asks to privately discuss concerns over another class member’s physical unsuitability to complete training evolutions. The firefighter states that he has witnessed many failures that are being signed off as passing by other instructors.